I summoned all the self-confidence I could muster and asked you out thinking the worst I would get was “no”, but what I got was far worse than anything I could imagine. You blew me off like I was some creepy stalker on Facebook cruising for chicks then avoided me like I was some diseased rat. I didn’t even get any condolences for the loss of my sweet Dingus. I thought we were friends – how wrong I was. You don’t have to date me – you don’t even have to like me, but you could at least respect me. I felt worse than rejected – I felt betrayed – I felt like we were doing the trust-fall exercise and you just walked away at the critical moment and let me fall. You destroyed every bit of self-confidence and self-esteem I once had. All I feel now is pain, self-doubt, anger, and hatred. Normally, I can let things go, but I can’t seem to shake these hateful feelings I have toward you. There is no forgive. There is no forget. There is only hate. I hope there is a Hell so you can burn in it.

Simpsons Loser Takes All
Cloak And Dagger
Battle Masters (Risk?)
Dirty Minds
Family Guy Trivia or Dare
Match 4
Mini Mind Mover 3
Easy Money
Battle of the Sexes
Star Wars Monopoly
Big Bang Theory Clue
Apples To Apples Junior
Simpsons Uno
Five Crowns
Rummikub Tiles
Rummikub Dice
Phase 10 Twist
Standard Playing Cards*
Phase 10 Dice*
Mad Gab*
Crazy 8s*
Memory Match
Mille Borne Double Deck*
Phase 10*
Cards Against Humanity*
Farkle (aka 10,000)*

* In the box.

I’ve been sick since I was 17. I’m 37 now. It’s progressed from tolerable to now I can’t work because exertion and stress make me nauseous, dizzy, and light headed and may even make my liver bleed.

I haven’t the energy to do anything.
I can’t maintain a relationship.
I can’t even express my feelings.
I am alone.
I am depressed.
I feel empty inside.
I want to be happy.
I want to be in love.
I want to live.

I feel like I’m trapped in a twisted nightmare of pain and sorrow from which there is no escape.

Life passes me by while I struggle to keep up, but I’m falling behind.

I’m tired and afraid.
I’m fighting and losing.

Frank was curious why Paul, the band leader (at least that’s how Frank sees him), wasn’t showing up to band practice anymore. Seems Cindy treats him like shit.

One day, Frank went to his weekly band practice knowing that Alex had already left the band and was moving out that day. Frank showed up early, like he always does, to find Deedee crying. Apparently Alex took the PlayStation that was a gift for Charlie and left an awful mess in the bathroom. Being empathic, Frank absorbs the emotional energy in the room. He literally felt for them which left him emotionally drained. He would probably have emotionally died had Charlie been there. Luckily, he was with his uncle across town.

Some time later, Frank showed up at practice at the usual time, early, to find Mary already there. Occasionally, Tommy or Mary will get there before he does, so he didn’t think anything of it. Mary was hoping Rick would show up, but she had to leave early saying she had to leave before Cindy got there. Frank was puzzled. Then Cindy showed up. She was visibly upset. At one point, she started bawling ran outside. Rick, Deedee, and Leo were worried that she might do something she could never undo. She eventually came back in, but she was in a very dark place – she was having marital issues with her wife, Mary, which explains why she left early. Witnessing this and sucking up all that negative energy left Frank emotionally drained and ill.

A couple weeks after that, Cindy went to Fresno with Tommy for the weekend, so Mary came to practice. She was ok at first until she started talking about her puppies which made her visibly upset and she started crying. Mary was also in a dark place, but not nearly as dark as Cindy’s. These events also left Frank emotionally drained.

Occasionally, the band would forgo practice and go see a movie. Since Cindy didn’t like going out to movies, Mary usually joined them. Frank felt like the band was hiding from Cindy – which they were – and he isn’t fond of going out to movies either, so he felt like he was going to lose the band because of Cindy. This left Frank emotionally drained.

Another couple weeks later, the band went out to another movie where he saw Mary in a completely different light. She seemed happy for the first time ever. This made Frank feel good and left him emotionally charged.

Frank found out from Rick that Cindy had told Mary she was no longer welcome at band practice. This hurt Frank deeply and left him pissed off and emotionally drained – he had developed feelings for Mary. He told this to Rick, for whatever fool reason, how he felt and that he could never tell her as he would only end up hurting her. Rick then informed him that she’s happy because she has a boyfriend, Rick himself. The concept of a three-way relationship hadn’t even occurred to him, but he probably should have realized it before – Rick, Deedee, and Mary sitting on the couch together while they watched 12 Monkeys in the band room. At any rate, this made Frank feel good. Seeing Mary happy is only thing that mattered. Frank again felt emotionally charged.

Then there’s Sally. Sally’s cute, sweet, nice, happy, funny, and smart, and she likes cute furry animals and Futurama. One day she commented on one of her posts that Frank “is cool”. This caused a supercharged emotional overload inside Frank. He couldn’t stop thinking about her, but for the same reason he can’t tell Mary how he feels about her, he can’t tell Sally how he feels, either. This is triggering Frank’s depression and is leaving him emotionally drained. At least he knows he isn’t numb and can still feel.

I’ve been playing a lot of Final Fantasy X-2 lately and I have a few things to say that I feel could be helpful.

  • New Game Plus
    New Game Plus is great, but there are a few things that should be known:
    1. You can’t access this feature until you beat the game at least once and watch the credits until asked if you want to save the New Game Plus data. At which time, you will be bounced back to the game’s main menu where a new option appears.
    2. There are three ways to access New Game Plus.
      • Beat the game (must be done or the following will not work).
      • Load a saved game with New Game Plus data and soft-reset back to the game’s main menu. If playing the HD Remastered version on the PS3/PS4, don’t soft-reset. Instead press Start/Options, then Triangle, then select Yes.
      • Die a horrible death and get Game Over while playing a saved game with New Game Plus data.
    3. You get to keep most of your stuff and progress. I will list the things that carry over or don’t carry over (as noted):
      • In-Game menu
        • Items:
          • Use: You retain every item on this list except Gysahl Greens.
          • Key Items: You lose everything in this list except Al-Bhed Primers I-XXVI, Twilight Rain, Aurora Rain, Machina Booster, Machina Reactor, Victor Primoris, Corpus Invictus, and Magical Dances Vol I and II.
        • Equip:
          • Every character and trapped fiends’1 levels will be reset to 1.
          • All accessories will be unequipped.
          • The First Steps garment grid will be equipped to all characters and trapped fiends1.
          • Rikku’s Dressphere will be reset to Thief.
          • Paine’s Dressphere will be reset to Warrior.
          • Yuna and all trapped fiends’1 Dresspheres will be reset to Gunner.
        • Garment Grids:
          • You will keep them all.
          • The First Steps garment grid will be reset to its initial configuration.
        • Abilities and Dresspheres:
          • You will keep all of your Dresspheres.
          • They will all retain their progress.
        • Accessories:
          • You get to keep them all.
        • You get to keep all of your hard-earned gil.
        • Your play time continues from where it left off.
        • You retain your completion percentage.
      • Shinra’s Menu:
        • Creature Creator1:
          • All of your trapped fiends will be reset to story level 1.
          • You will retain your bestiary entries.
          • You retain the unlocked tournaments.
          • You lose every entry in the Battle Simulator except a select few. So far, the first page and the Aeons carried over.
          • The Fiend Arena Config resets to Default.
        • CommSphere Network menu item disappears.
        • Shinra’s Guide to Everything is always the same whether New Game Plus or not.
        • You lose all of your Treasure Spheres.
        • You retain Shinra’s Bestiary and Dossiers.
    4. Everything in the field resets including Calm Lands credits (100 for each company) – spend them while you can, unlocked dungeons, and treasure chests.
    5. O’aka’s debt gets set to a seemingly random amount. I have not noticed any pattern to it. One time it was 1,000 Gil. Another time it was 100,000 Gil.
    6. You lose all of your Sphere Break coins.
    7. You retain all of your Blitzball stats and players.
    8. The Bushido ability Momentum retains its internal kill count and continues to gain momentum.

1 Requires HD Remastered (PS3/PS4) or International

screen_20130815_1433Unknown Sources is disabled in your security settings.

screen_20130815_1431Either you are trying to install the APK from an EXT partition with insufficient permissions or you are trying to install an APK that is incompatible with your Android version (e.g. installing Facebook Home on Gingerbread).

screen_20130816_0204All the buttons are greyed out? That’s because the app is an administrator. You need to disable that setting for that app in your security settings.

My SGS2 (Epic 4G Touch). The third in the sad line of SGS2s owned by me. The first one fell victim to the eMMC bug from a leaked ICS ROM. The second one died because I was trying to reflash the stock ICS which failed for some reason. Instead of closing the One-Click Odin flasher, I tried to reflash a second time (note that closing it and reopening is required). The third one, which I’ve had the longest, was getting hot. Like super, fry eggs on the glass hot. I tried to resolve this by wiping the data and reflashing the stock JB ROM. Unfortunately, it is still getting blazing hot. I’m afraid he’s not long for this world. Pray to whatever God you believe in that he may rest in peace.

Update: I was mistaken. It’s not getting blazing hot anymore. It still has problems, but at least it’s not hot enough to melt steel.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for you doing things wrong and breaking your phone or losing your data.

  1. Make a folder somewhere under /data1.
    Click the "+".

    Click the “+”.

    Click "Folder".

    Click “Folder”.

    Type a folder name and click "OK".

    Type a folder name and click “OK”.

  2. Move desired APK from /data/app or /system/app2 (only if you want to move a system app’s APK while preserving its “system app” status) to the folder you just made in step 1.
    Long click file and click "Move".

    Long click the file and click “Move”.

    Click "Move here".

    Click “Move here”.

  3. Make a symlink of the newly moved APK in /system/app.
    Long click the file and click "Link to this file".

    Long click the file and click “Link to this file”.

    Click "Create link".

    Click “Create link”.

  4. Repeat from step 1 for each desired app3.
  5. Clear dalvik cache or just delete the dalvik cache file for the selected app(s).
  6. Reboot.
  7. The app is now a system app in the eyes of Android and is stored on the user data partition. Good for space saving in the system partition and future ROM updates or no-data restores4.
  • I used Root Explorer for the screenshots. You can use any file explorer you want as long as it can make symbolic links. You can even use the command line if you know what commands to use.
  • Clearing data will also delete the APK. If this was intended, don’t forget to delete the symlink from /system/app – not required as Android will just ignore invalid APKs and if left there, you won’t need to relink, should you do this again, as long as the file path(s) are the same as they were before.
  • You can make the APK read-only to mimic the system partition (440 – a-rwx,ug=r), but it’s probably not necessary.
  • You can use second-partition apps like Link2SD that premount a user-created second partition on the external SD card.
  • Zipalign will undermine your efforts if the APK needs to be zip aligned – it effectively copies the APK file somewhere and copies it back thus overwriting the symlink with the Zip aligned original APK.

  1. Don’t use the SD card because it’s not available until long after boot up.
  2. Do not move core system apps from /system/app. If you wipe data for whatever reason or the data partition fails to mount, you will lose a vital core app and cause a boot loop and I will not help you fix that.
  3. Some app crashing may occur. I wouldn’t recommend moving the APK of the file explorer you’re using to do this unless you’re using the command line.
  4. The app will not get deleted, but you’ll have to relink the APK after a no-data restore or ROM update.

Google included their own Touchwiz-like launcher in their latest Android release, Kit Kat 4.4, which works flawlessly on Jelly Bean 4.1 and 4.2. (See thread [APP]Get Android 4.4 Launcher on your phone NOW!! @ XDA.)

Here are some interesting things I’ve discovered as I’ve been playing with it:

  • If you’re rooted, get Xposed and App Settings. Changing Google Search’s DPI will dynamically change the amount of real estate onto which you can put more/fewer shortcuts and/or widgets. For example: on my SGS4, setting its DPI to 350 makes it 6 columns wide by 6 columns high with 6 available slots in the dock bar (42 total on one screen). 250 makes it 8 columns by 5 rows with 8 dock slots (48 slots total). The stock SGS4 DPI of 480 results in a launcher with 4 columns by 4 rows and 4 dock slots (20 slots total). The app drawer also changes dimensions with the DPI.

    Open folder @ 480 DPI.

    Open folder @ 480 DPI.

    350 DPI

    350 DPI

    250 DPI

    250 DPI

    480 DPI

    480 DPI with folder

    400 DPI

    400 DPI

  • You can add screens by dragging a shortcut or widget off the right side of the screen.
  • You can make a folder by dropping a shortcut onto another shortcut which, when open, can be renamed by clicking “Unnamed Folder”.
  • Add shortcuts by dragging them from the drawer (accessible by clicking the circle with 6 dots on the dock) and dropping them where you want them.
  • Long-click an empty slot or click the menu key to access wallpapers, widgets, and Google Now settings. You can also drag the screens around in this view.

    Main Menu

    Main Menu

  • Click “Widgets” and drag a widget to a screen and drop it where you want it.
  • Some widgets are resizable. Long-click the widget to pick it up, then drop it in the same spot. If the resize square shows, you can resize it.
  • Swipe all the way to the left to access Google Now.
  • You can fling shortcuts and widgets to the top of the screen to remove them from the screen.

There are some caveats:

  • You can’t hide the labels on the shortcuts or folders.
  • Most widgets can’t be resized.
  • The action bar at the top will stop short on the right if the DPI is too low.
  • You can’t move the app drawer shortcut.
  • You only get one dock.
  • You can’t access the phone’s settings except by adding the Settings shortcut to the launcher or clicking the button on the notification panel.
  • It doesn’t rotate with the screen.