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Last Updated on Dec 26, 2022

Increase Battery Life and Reduce Game Load TimeIf you’re like me and don’t care about super-high quality graphics, you can use Xposed App Settings to tell apps to run games and other apps at a lower screen resolution. The dimensions of the apps remain unchanged and I haven’t noticed a difference visually, but the apps load faster and I’ve gotten more battery life.

  1. Install Xposed Framework.
  2. Install Xposed App Settings.
  3. Clear the data of the app for which you want to change the resolution.
  4. Open Xposed App Settings
  5. Search for the app.
  6. Change “Screen (dp)” to something small (I used “320×480”).
  7. Click the floppy disk icon (top right).
  8. Click “Yes” to kill the app if asked.
  9. Exit Exposed App Settings
  10. Start the app. It will now redownload and/or reinstall lower resolution graphics.
  11. Enjoy!

Update: Not all settings in App Settings will work. You’ll have to play with it some to figure out which settings work.

Last Updated on Dec 26, 2022

Useful Shell Commands

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for you doing things wrong and breaking your phone or losing your data.

  • Get Your MSL: (if this doesn’t work, you may need a different toolbox binary)
    getprop ril.MSL
  • Execute a command or file as root even if you’re not using the root shell: (handy over ADB with a secure kernel)
  • Reliable screenshot: (even works on 4.2.2; however, if you’re saving the screenshot to the internal SD card with emulated storage, you must use its real path which is “/data/media/0” – works best with ADB, Tasker, or something automated so you don’t just screenshot the shell emulator)
    screencap FILENAME
    adb shell su -c screencap /data/media/0/test.png
    adb shell su -c screencap /storage/extSdCard/test.png
  • Clear cache:
    rm /data/dalvik-cache/*
    rm -r /cache/*
  • Delete all app data:
    rm -r /data/data/*