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I’ve been playing a lot of Final Fantasy X-2 lately and I have a few things to say that I feel could be helpful.

  • New Game Plus
    New Game Plus is great, but there are a few things that should be known:
  1. You can’t access this feature until you beat the game at least once and watch the credits until asked if you want to save the New Game Plus data. At which time, you will be bounced back to the game’s main menu where a new option appears.
  2. There are three ways to access New Game Plus.
    • Beat the game (must be done or the following will not work).
    • Load a saved game with New Game Plus data and soft-reset back to the game’s main menu. If playing the HD Remastered version on the PS3/PS4, don’t soft-reset. Instead press Start/Options, then Triangle, then select Yes.
    • Die a horrible death and get Game Over while playing a saved game with New Game Plus data.
  3. You get to keep most of your stuff and progress. I will list the things that carry over or don’t carry over (as noted):
    • In-Game menu
      • Items:
        • Use: You retain every item on this list except Gysahl Greens.
        • Key Items: You lose everything in this list except Al-Bhed Primers I-XXVI, Twilight Rain, Aurora Rain, Machina Booster, Machina Reactor, Victor Primoris, Corpus Invictus, and Magical Dances Vol I and II.
      • Equip:
        • Every character and trapped fiends’1 levels will be reset to 1.
        • All accessories will be unequipped.
        • The First Steps garment grid will be equipped to all characters and trapped fiends1.
        • Rikku’s Dressphere will be reset to Thief.
        • Paine’s Dressphere will be reset to Warrior.
        • Yuna and all trapped fiends’1 Dresspheres will be reset to Gunner.
      • Garment Grids:
        • You will keep them all.
        • The First Steps garment grid will be reset to its initial configuration.
      • Abilities and Dresspheres:
        • You will keep all of your Dresspheres.
        • They will all retain their progress.
      • Accessories:
        • You get to keep them all.
      • You get to keep all of your hard-earned gil.
      • Your play time continues from where it left off.
      • You retain your completion percentage.
    • Shinra’s Menu:
      • Creature Creator1:
        • All of your trapped fiends will be reset to story level 1.
        • You will retain your bestiary entries.
        • You retain the unlocked tournaments.
        • You lose every entry in the Battle Simulator except a select few. So far, the first page and the Aeons carried over.
        • The Fiend Arena Config resets to Default.
      • CommSphere Network menu item disappears.
      • Shinra’s Guide to Everything is always the same whether New Game Plus or not.
      • You lose all of your Treasure Spheres.
      • You retain Shinra’s Bestiary and Dossiers.
  4. Everything in the field resets including Calm Lands credits (100 for each company) – spend them while you can, unlocked dungeons, and treasure chests.
  5. O’aka’s debt gets set to a seemingly random amount. I have not noticed any pattern to it. One time it was 1,000 Gil. Another time it was 100,000 Gil.
  6. You lose all of your Sphere Break coins.
  7. You retain all of your Blitzball stats and players.
  8. The Bushido ability Momentum retains its internal kill count and continues to gain momentum.

1 Requires HD Remastered (PS3/PS4) or International

  • CommSphere Network
  1. When watching these, sometimes you have to move the camera and/or zoom in before they start playing.
  2. You don’t have to watch the whole thing if you’re watching for completion or episode complete credit.
  3. When going for completion or episode complete credit, make sure you visit every single location in Spira in Chapter 3 (don’t forget the second floor of the chocobo ranch), you have to watch them multiple times (up to a dozen for some locations), and there are five times you must watch them: as soon as you start Chapter 4, after talking to Buddy (before going to the Moonflow to chase down Tobli), after chasing down Tobli, after practicing for the concert, and anytime in Chapter 5.
  4. If you want to catch chocobos from the Thunder Plains, you have to watch until Shinra uses the Chocoporter (you can do it twice).
  5. Some will become unavailable, immobile, or unwatchable after watching them few times (Besaid: it becomes immobile after watching it once in Chapter 5, Bevelle: it gets shot, Djose: it gets used for parts, Thunder Plains: it gets hit by lightning, Kilika Island: Dona sends it away via balloon and Bartello breaks the other one, Luca: Shinra doesn’t actually put one here, but in Chapter 5 you get static, Moonflow: a shoopuf steps on it, Mt. Gagazet Mountain Gate: it freezes over (not to be confused with getting “snowed in”), Bikanel Desert Excavation Camp: the fiend Nhadala keeps talking about destroys it and a sand storm breaks the other one, Mi’ihen Highroad: it’s broken in Chapter 5 for an unknown reason, Mushroom Rock Road: powerful sphere waves cause interference, Guadosalam: it gets “hunted” ie stolen, Macalania Woods: stolen by Wantz).
  • Crimson Spheres
  1. There are several missable Crimson Spheres: Mushroom Rock Road Den of Woe Chapters 1, 2, & 3 (if you don’t go here in these chapters, you will miss them), Bevelle Chapter 3 (if you don’t go here down to where Vegnagun was after clearing Besaid and Kilika, but before clearing Djose, you will miss this one), and Celsius Engine Room Chapter 4 (after the concert, if you talk to Shinra before going down here to talk to Leblanc, you will miss this one).

Common Issues

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