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Frank was curious why Paul, the band leader (at least that’s how Frank sees him), wasn’t showing up to band practice anymore. Seems Cindy treats him like shit.

One day, Frank went to his weekly band practice knowing that Alex had already left the band and was moving out that day. Frank showed up early, like he always does, to find Deedee crying. Apparently Alex took the PlayStation that was a gift for Charlie and left an awful mess in the bathroom. Being empathic, Frank absorbs the emotional energy in the room. He literally felt for them which left him emotionally drained. He would probably have emotionally died had Charlie been there. Luckily, he was with his uncle across town.

Some time later, Frank showed up at practice at the usual time, early, to find Mary already there. Occasionally, Tommy or Mary will get there before he does, so he didn’t think anything of it. Mary was hoping Rick would show up, but she had to leave early saying she had to leave before Cindy got there. Frank was puzzled. Then Cindy showed up. She was visibly upset. At one point, she started bawling ran outside. Rick, Deedee, and Leo were worried that she might do something she could never undo. She eventually came back in, but she was in a very dark place – she was having marital issues with her wife, Mary, which explains why she left early. Witnessing this and sucking up all that negative energy left Frank emotionally drained and ill.

A couple weeks after that, Cindy went to Fresno with Tommy for the weekend, so Mary came to practice. She was ok at first until she started talking about her puppies which made her visibly upset and she started crying. Mary was also in a dark place, but not nearly as dark as Cindy’s. These events also left Frank emotionally drained.

Occasionally, the band would forgo practice and go see a movie. Since Cindy didn’t like going out to movies, Mary usually joined them. Frank felt like the band was hiding from Cindy – which they were – and he isn’t fond of going out to movies either, so he felt like he was going to lose the band because of Cindy. This left Frank emotionally drained.

Another couple weeks later, the band went out to another movie where he saw Mary in a completely different light. She seemed happy for the first time ever. This made Frank feel good and left him emotionally charged.

Frank found out from Rick that Cindy had told Mary she was no longer welcome at band practice. This hurt Frank deeply and left him pissed off and emotionally drained – he had developed feelings for Mary. He told this to Rick, for whatever fool reason, how he felt and that he could never tell her as he would only end up hurting her. Rick then informed him that she’s happy because she has a boyfriend, Rick himself. The concept of a three-way relationship hadn’t even occurred to him, but he probably should have realized it before – Rick, Deedee, and Mary sitting on the couch together while they watched 12 Monkeys in the band room. At any rate, this made Frank feel good. Seeing Mary happy is only thing that mattered. Frank again felt emotionally charged.

Then there’s Sally. Sally’s cute, sweet, nice, happy, funny, and smart, and she likes cute furry animals and Futurama. One day she commented on one of her posts that Frank “is cool”. This caused a supercharged emotional overload inside Frank. He couldn’t stop thinking about her, but for the same reason he can’t tell Mary how he feels about her, he can’t tell Sally how he feels, either. This is triggering Frank’s depression and is leaving him emotionally drained. At least he knows he isn’t numb and can still feel.