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Since the current Boggle with Friends app freezes consistently on my Samsung Galaxy A32 5G with Android 12, I decided to dust off the old Word Streak app to see if it still works. Surprisingly, it does, but there are a few caveats:

  1. Chat doesn’t work.
  2. “Daily Quests” is not a thing; however, you do get the “Daily Spinner”.
  3. There’s no “(Re)match of the Day”.
  4. There are a lot of annoying notifications.
  5. Since Google+ is no longer a thing, you can’t log in with it.

If you’d like to download it, click here.

  • This version is ad-free since I paid for it years ago.
  • Don’t expect any support–not even from me.
  • I’m not responsible for damage to your phone. I don’t know why or how it would do so, but you never know, hence the disclaimer.
  • The file will disappear once Zynga fixes their app.