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Last Updated on Jun 4, 2014

On May 12th, 2013, I decided to show my friends how much I appreciate them by hosting a party at my house. I’m a very private person and this was the first time I had ever invited, planned, and hosted my own party. I posted the event, got some Declines from people who had prior engagements, a few Maybes, and a couple Accepts, so I think that even if only one person shows up, it’ll be totally worth it.

I start buying supplies (rum, forks, paper towels, cups, plates, char coal, fruit). Given my medical conditions, I can’t do much physically, but I did what I could to try to make it the best party within my ability.

I post to the event a few times indicating my progress with purchased stuff. Besides those who already declined, I have yet to receive any indication that people won’t be attending.

The big day comes. I finish making the fruit salad and setup the tables around 1:00 PM and I wait… and I wait… and I wait… growing more impatient as the time goes on. Thank God my sister and her family were there or I would have probably gone crazy.

8:40 PM: I post asking where anybody is. Nearly an hour and a half later (9:55 PM), I get a reply from one of the “guests”. Apparently, falling asleep on the couch after doing yard-work means you can’t attend a party that has no definitive ending time.

~10:00 PM: I decide to call it. Nobody’s fucking coming! I go places I’m not comfortable going, if I can, for them and they don’t even have the respect for me to tell me they can’t / won’t be attending?! That’s fucked up! My self-esteem is low enough without people stepping on it. I let down my guard and exposed my soft underbelly only to get kicked.

Now, I am conflicted. Do I continue meeting with them every week for games and pretend this never happened?

I’m not angry towards any of those who I already knew wouldn’t come, predeclined, or messaged me their regrets. I’m just angry toward the group in general.