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Last Updated on Nov 3, 2023

This app no longer functions!

Since the current Boggle with Friends app freezes consistently on my Samsung Galaxy A32 5G with Android 12 and even on my Motorola Moto Stylus 5G 2021 with Android 12 (must be an Android 12 thing), I decided to dust off the old Word Streak app to see if it still works. Surprisingly, it does, but there are a few caveats:

  1. Chat doesn’t work.
  2. “Daily Quests” is not a thing; however, you do get the “Daily Spinner”.
  3. There are a lot of annoying notifications.
  4. Since Google+ is no longer a thing, you can’t log in with it.
  5. Sometimes games will start themselves before you can pick your power-ups.

If you’d like to download it, click here (on Aptoide).